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Panda reads data from csv, txt, excel & more file formats

What is Pandas?

Pandas is a Python library containing a bunch of capacities and specific information structures that have been intended to help Python developers to perform information examination errands in an organized manner.

Importing data is the most fundamental and absolute initial phase in any information-related work. The capacity to import the information accurately is a must have skill for every data scientist.

Data exists in many different forms, and not only should we know how to import various data formats but also how to analyze and manipulate the data to infer insights.

The majority of the things that…


To control and handle complex string formatting more efficiently

What is formatting, why is it used?

In python, there are several ways to present output. String formatting using python is one such method where it allows the user to control and handle complex string formatting more efficiently than simply printing space-separated values.

There are many types of string formatting, such as padding and alignment, using dictionaries, etc. The usage of formatting techniques is not only subjected to strings. It also formats dates, numbers, signed digits, etc.

Structure of format() method

Let us look at the basic structure of how to write in string format method.

Syntax: ‘String {} value’.format(value)


Cryptographic money is a type of computerized installment framework


Development has changed how people work, confer, shop, and even remuneration for items. Associations and purchasers don’t generally favor cash anymore, and this demeanor is offering a way to deal with contact-less way of payments. Presumably, Everyone has known about Cryptocurrency at this point. We should comprehend what this popular expression is and what are the top cryptos that you can put resources into. Cryptographic money is a type of computerized installment framework for or labor and products that don’t depend on banks to confirm exchanges. Right when you move computerized money saves, the trades are recorded in a freely…

Deep Learning

Deep neural network algorithm for image process analysis

In this article, we will try to implement the basic CNN model with the Keras framework. The benefit of the convolutional neural network is that it reduces or minimizes the dimension and parameters of images by retaining maximum information so that the training process becomes fast and takes less computation power.

We will try to implement the code in google colab with a step-by-step process.

Why we are using CNN?

The main concern of using the convolutional neural network is for the images that previous algorithms are not so much suitable for bulk images dataset and retaining the image information.

We will discuss the basic terminologies alongside the code, so let’s start practicing.

Deep Learning

Optimizers are the paradigm of machine learning


Optimizers are the paradigm of machine learning particularly in deep learning make a moon in the beauty of its working by reducing or minimizing losses in our model. Optimizers are the methods or algorithms used to change the attributes of our neural network such as weights and learning rate to reduce the losses in our network.

Optimization algorithms or strategies are responsible for reducing the loss function and providing the most accurate results possible by updating weight.

Back-propagation in Deep learning/Neural network

Finding the best performing algorithm for concrete strength

In this article, we will implement the regression algorithms to find the best performance model for concrete strength. Let me give you a brief idea about the data set. The strength of the concrete depends on various factors as shown below:

Independent variables: cement, slag, ash, water, superplastic, coarseagg, fineagg, and age.

Dependent or target variable: strength

Let’s practice finding the performance of the models.

# Importing Libraries# Data Handling Librariesimport pandas as pd
import numpy as np
from collections import OrderedDict
# Import Data Visualization Libraryimport matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import seaborn as sns
import scipy.stats …


A handy concept for software development programs

Python also has an object-oriented approach to programming. Before this, we were making programs with the help of functions but now object-oriented programming is based on classes, methods, and objects.

For an easy way, if we want to design something we need a blueprint of the design means for creating an object we need to create the class of the design.

Topics to be covered:

1. Class and objects
2. Special methods ( __init__ )
3. Heap memory, Constructor, Self

Class and objects

In object-oriented programming, inside the class, we deal with two main things the first one is attributes also called variables and…


A detailed article on how to use GitHub for beginners

This article covers all the basic operations of GitHub. For example: to create repositories, create branches, commits, pull requests, and their functions. The instructions to follow are for only Windows operating systems.

What is GitHub, Why is it used?

GitHub is a free, open-source code-hosting site where programmers and developers can upload their codes and work on them collaboratively. It is a content tracker that we utilize to store code due to its many features.

The site is developed in such a manner so that a user can tweak the programs without affecting those programs used by current users.


Data Science

The statistics concept for data science analysis


Hypothesis testing is the most misunderstood concept. Let’s try to understand the concept with a very simple example.

Hypothesis testing is nothing but, checking whether your assumption is correct or not based on your data record.

An example to make you more clear picture.

Suppose I say that Akash is the best student in my class. Now, Akash remains the best student in my class, until someone claims against him. Now, I try to collect evidence that can support what I said, i.e. evidence that can support Akash being the best student. Now, if that evidence supports…

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