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Data Visualization

Basic concepts for forecasting models in machine learning with example

Bunch of time series terms. A photo by Author

In this article, we will discuss time series concepts with machine learning examples that deal with the time component in the data.

Forecasting is so much important in the banking sector, weather, population prediction, and many more that directly deals with real-life problems.

Time series models are based on a…

Data Science

A robust method to make data ready for machine learning estimators

Data Preprocessing Methods. A photo by Author

In this article, we will study some important data preprocessing methods. It is a very important step to visualize the data and make it in a suitable form so that the estimators (algorithm) fit well with good accuracy.

Topics to be covered:

  1. Standardization
  2. Scaling with sparse data and outliers
  3. Normalization
  4. Categorical Encoding
  5. Imputation


Automation maturity levels with CICD pipelines

Image Source

In the last article, we discussed tool stacks requirement in MLOps, the link is here. Those stacks are not easy to implement and that too when it is just the beginning of it. A fully matured MLOps pipeline can become so powerful that as soon as you commit a code…


Machine learning world to automate the development phase

Image Source

MLOps is a culture with a set of principles, guidelines defined in a machine learning world to seamlessly integrate/automate the development phase with the operational phase. It is like as soon as a model is created, it can be deployed.

Basically, by MLOps, we tend to break the silos of…

Deep Learning

Object detection and Segmentation in the image processing

Image by Author

Nowadays, object localization is a basic and important task in image processing applications. There are various methods from OpenCV to deep learning, in this article, we do orange fruit localization with the help of OpenCV. Here, we will do various image pre-processing tasks to achieve good object detection.

Methods to…


Python examples to read multiple files from a folder

A photo by Author

In this article, we will discuss a different approach to read the multiple CSV files in the folder. The reading operation is very easy but reading more than one CSV file is a bit of work.

Here, some methods are used to read many CSV files and combining them in…

Tools and technologies in machine learning lifecycle

Image Source

In this article, the topics will revolve around the MLOps tool stack. We know the full lifecycle of MLOps, we should know which set of tools and technologies will be assisting us at each stage of the lifecycle. …


Probability distributions describe the random process of events

Photo by Mohammad Rahmani on Unsplash

Discrete Probability Distributions

Before moving to the topic in detail, we must know what exactly probability distribution means?

In simpler terms, the probability distributions describe the random process (any phenomenon) in terms of probabilities.

What exactly random process is?

A random event is a random process to which we can never find the exact value…

Data Science

To cultivate effective decision-making strategies using data

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

The workplace culture of people in the Data Industry

We know that the world runs on data. Millions and trillions of data are being processed every day all around the globe. People spend day and night tackling all kinds of problems using this data.

Have you ever wondered about what…

Photo by OpticalNomad on Unsplash

The process of learning about other people

The process of learning about other people from different cultures and across different areas of the globe. When we consider any conversation regarding the person with whom we are conversing, we consider multiple information like attitudes, behaviors, gestures, assumptions.

Learning people’s perceptions can improve quality conversation and efficacy. It’s a…

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