Death and Journey of Life

A thoughtful idea about death and life

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Truly quoted by Haruki Murakami that, “The Death is not the opposite of life but a part of it”.

It is quite a difficult topic of conversation that people usually avoid talking about. When I think about death, I wonder why am I or most of the people afraid of it? Is it because it sounds scary? Or Is it because after going through a lot in life, we start adjusting to our situations that the end of it feels so intimating that we don’t even want it to end? Or are there some real questions knocking at the doors of mythology? Whatever it is, the idea about death is mystical as well as troubling. Death is forbidding, punitive, harsh, painful and a source of immeasurable grief. Death is a clear indicator of life to end.

Every person in this world has their unique journey, some people live their lives according to the terms they set for themselves, some follow rules set by others, and some break rules to live the way they want to. During this process of setting principles for themselves, they make mistakes, gain experiences and these experiences finally get printed as beliefs in their subconscious minds. Whatever may be the situation but slowly and steadily people start adjusting and loving the life they have, which makes them feel scared whenever they think about the end of their life, even if they are not worried about their own life, there might be someone that they love and will never want death to separate them. Death means separation from the physical world according to mythology. I am a mythology freak and have read many books related to it, searching the inner self is what I believe. For people all around the world preparing themselves mentally is more difficult than facing death. The word death, the end of the life has hundreds of emotions and questions associated with it namely grief, mystery, separation, depression, where does the soul go after death, is there a heaven and a hell, and many more…

Now when I know what others including me have feelings related to the word death, I tried searching more by scratching more than 1000 pages about it and the simplest concept that I understood out of it was “Death is not a counterpart or a contradiction of life but a profound teacher about the meaning of human existence.” And this very statement changed my whole perspective related to this subject. Referring to Bhagwat Gita, the holy book of Hindus, it says that the body is mortal whereas the soul is immortal. The soul can never be destroyed, it remains unaffected, the hardships and feelings are only experienced by the heart. Death is an antidote for all human emotions.
In my opinion, the vision of death is determined by our understanding of life. The existence of man cannot endure without a sense of meaning. Existence embraces both the life and death of an individual. If life is sensed as amazement, as a gift, defying explanation then death ceases to be a deep-seated, absolute negation of what life stands for, death is not man’s life coming to an end, but it is a world of infinite mysteries of creation. The true knowledge about the subject is vast, on knowing it the person starts experiencing powers they have inside them i.e. the power of fearlessness. The world is what you find inside you, fill yourself with more knowledge and you will gain a much higher perspective related to it.


At last, I would like to conclude by mentioning a fact about death, death is an emotion which makes you feel empty inside as if you are losing everything you had or collected but do we even realize how many times in our life we are scared to lose what we, even when we are living? The answer to it is very simple, that is it is not what you feel about it, it is moreover, a part of your belief that makes you fear it. Open your internal eyes, walk around internally, introspect, and find yourself what you are and what is the reason for your survival. Take death as the final deadline date and improve yourself before that. This gives meaning to life and simultaneously opens doors of real knowledge making you feel fearless.

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