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  • Tobi Olabode

    Tobi Olabode

    tobiolabode.com Interested in technology, Mainly writes about Machine learning for now.

  • Lucas Soares

    Lucas Soares

    Machine Learning Engineer at K1 Digital. I write about AI | Data Science | Productivity | Learning

  • Pranjal Saxena

    Pranjal Saxena

    Data Scientist | Top writer in Artificial Intelligence | Data Science Career Advisor | https://linktr.ee/pranjalai

  • Serokell


    Serokell is a software development company focused on building innovative solutions for complex problems. Come visit us at serokell.io!

  • Jose Granja

    Jose Granja

    Senior Front End Developer passionate about the web and all the latest tech 🌐

  • Sharan Kumar Ravindran

    Sharan Kumar Ravindran

    Data Science Manager | Top 2000 Writer on Medium | rsharankumar.com | youtube.com/c/DataSciencewithSharan

  • Erik van Baaren

    Erik van Baaren

    Software developer by day, writer at night. Webmaster at https://python.land

  • Lokajit Tikayatray

    Lokajit Tikayatray

    Everyday β€” learning a bit more & trying to be better than yesterday. Favorite pastime β€” Solution Architect for a Fortune 100 tech company. Yes, I love my job :)

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