How My Single Thought Made Me a Writer on Medium

The things we should work on always as a writer

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My first time writing experience with the medium is super. I am from a technical background and never did writing before medium and never practiced so much to write good articles.

Well here I am, like you still, I m a newbie and growing on medium. I almost writing a data science related article and this is my third article on the non-technical side.

As a new writer, it is very much important to feel free in thoughts. Writing pressure will never make you feel writing.

After writing articles for 5 months on medium on data science topics, I want to share some tips for new writers.

  • We should know the topic for an article. Read important points of that topic and make a short note on paper.
  • Make an order of paragraphs of the article. It should not be a mix of information links.
  • After deciding the topic of the article, we should search for a publication on the medium for that particular reader. For example, for my data science articles, I publish in Towards AI, Analytics Vidhya, Towards data science and many more.
  • After writing the first article, give a second reading to correct some small mistakes while writing.
  • Check the plagiarism of your article, so that your points should not match with others’ people’s words. I do check on plagiarism checker.
  • Check the grammar of the article, it should be well maintained and readable for readers. I use Grammarly for correcting grammar in my articles.

Our Readers are important. They are busy in their life and we as a writer focus on writing informative readable formats.

Writing is not easy, People think like that who have these thoughts just in their mind. I am telling you, it is very easy and anybody can be a writer. It just needs some focus and discipline.

As a part of my article writing journey, I usually write 8–12 articles per month and I get good views also on my data science articles.

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About myself, I have an experience in electronics R&D and left the job for pursuing a Master’s program in Embedded System. While studying, I also started learning data science and joined a one-year online master program. From there I started to learn about programming and tools used in IT companies.

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My master’s project on grape bunch detection using computer vision and made a robot with a camera mounted on it. As my college announced to work from home because of the pandemic. We get more extra time to think about learning more.

From August 2020, I started to write articles on data science on medium. I found this platform very much informative.

As time passes I get more indulge in the medium platform and started to learn to write more efficiently. I read other people’s articles like from Sinem Gunel, Casey Botticello, Benjamin Obi Tayo Ph.D. , Zulie Rane and many other good writers.

When we want to publish the articles in publications. We should first see the guidelines of that publication house.

I am starting to focus more on writing with the information shared by these amazing people.

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Important points to be a good writer in 2021

  • Always be a good reader and do not skip the lines and scroll down fast because every article has something to know new.
  • Write at least 1000 words daily.
  • Do not start with tons of different niches. Focus on one niche for some months.
  • Surround yourself with energetic people who make you feel strong.
  • Start taking part in the group decisions with friends or in the office.
  • Exercise regularly even walking makes a good blood flow to keep the mind fresh.

In the last, I want to say start writing from today. As you read more, you will get information for your future articles.

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