Step-by-Step Guide to Start Prompt Engineering with Langchain

Producing a response based on a chain of prompts

Amit Chauhan
3 min readMay 4, 2024
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Prompt: These are the types of specific commands or messages that can be called ‘prompts’ given to the machine with the help of software to do some action for any response or reply or action.

Langchain: It is an open-source framework to develop deep learning application that uses large language models i.e. LLMs. These tools are used to make the machine more capable of reasoning on given input or prompt. We can use many inputs or prompts together to make complex step-wise commands with the help of the chain system that is given in the framework.

LLMs: In the advancement in the natural language processing world, the LLMs revolutionized the text processing tasks for translation, text generation, text sentiment analysis, AI chatbot, tasks autocomplete, etc.

In this article, we will create our prompt using the ‘promptTemplate’ from the langchain framework.

The pre-requisite of learning langchain with LLMs

  1. Python language
  2. A simple basic knowledge about LLM models and how they are created.

For good practice, we should always make a separate environment for every project. Below are the…